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Are you traveling to Ghana but need assistance with the visa process?

No sweat! We are here to help. 

We know that the Ghana visa process can be tedious for some and confusing for others. This is why Sankofa US handles the visa process from start to finish for our travelers. However, as we are growing our business, we would like to announce that Sankofa US has now added Ghana Visa Processing to our service offerings.

At Sankofa US we work hard to ensure our clients are prepared and have smooth experience traveling to Ghana. This pilgrimage is so vitally important, that we want to extend this service to those who are not traveling under the Sankofa US banner, but those who are traveling for the purpose of the "Return".

Please see the prices below, and reach out to us is you need assistance. 

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Ghanaian Visa Processing

Standard Visa Processing - $155.00

Processing of visa between 90 to 30 days prior to travel.

Includes: Visa fee, Shipping fee, and processing fees. 

The visa and your passport will be mailed back to you within 15 days.

Visa On Arrival - $355 and up

Includes: Visa and processing fees. 

Your visa will be sent to you at least 24 hours before your travel day.

Maximum 2 weeks - minimum of 5 days before departure.

Other visa processing options are available. 


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